Operations Procedures


Snow and/or ice control operations shall commence under the direction of the Public Works Streets Supervisor. In his absence, the Public Works Parks Supervisor will determine when and what operations to begin.

The basis of dispatch calling the standby person to start operations shall be as follows:

  • Snow accumulation of 2 inches with continuing snowfall warrants commencement of plowing operations.
  • Drifting of snow may warrant commencement of partial or full operations dependent on conditions.
  • Icing of pavements may warrant partial or full operations dependent on extent and conditions.

Crew Assignments

The Supervisor shall determine the time to start operations and the extent of operations and shall prepare crew and shift assignments for all personnel involved in snow and ice control including streets, parks and utility personnel.

Due to the fact that all available personnel are required for full operations, storm forecast for late afternoon or evening hours might be the basis for the Supervisor splitting a shift and sending crew(s) home for call out later in the evening. Morning storms likewise may be the basis for requesting crew(s) to report at later or earlier than normal hours.

Emergency Snow and Ice Conditions can change and occur after normal working hours. Coordination of these calls and conditions will be the responsibility of the Public Works Supervisor and the Police Department Duty Supervisor.

Suspension of Operations

Operations shall continue until all roads are passable. Widening and clean up operations may continue immediately or the following working day, dependent on conditions.

Operations may also be suspended during periods of limited or zero visibility. Any decision to suspend operations shall be made by the Supervisor on duty and shall be based on conditions of the storm.