Door-to-Door Peddlers & Solicitors

Throughout the year, door-to-door peddling, soliciting and canvassing raises questions from Blaine residents. While most of these activities are regulated by the City, they cannot be prohibited entirely.
The hand of a man knocking on a door.
A canvasser, for example, may go door-to-door without a permit from the City. A canvasser may be a person asking for signatures on a petition, requesting support for a political candidate or position, or seeking donations for a religious organization.

Safety Tips

For your safety, remember the following:
  • All peddlers and solicitors are
    • Required to obtain a permit from the City
    • Required to carry their City-issued photo ID/license with them and must show it a upon request
    • Restricted to operating between the hours of 9 a.m. and 7 p.m., and they are not allowed to solicit on Sundays and State or National Holidays
  • Owners and occupants should:
Please join with us in making our neighborhoods safer by promptly reporting unlicensed solicitors or any other suspicious activity.  To obtain a Solicitor/Peddler license click here for an application.