Street Priority & Level of Service

Level of Service Disclaimer

The intention of this policy is to provide safe winter driving conditions appropriate for the type of travel necessary on the City's streets. The level of service described herein shall be considered a guideline with the understanding that during and immediately after a storm, the level of service provided may be less than described herein and may vary across the City dependent on storm conditions.

Services Provided

Streets shall be plowed and/or salted or sanded to provide intermittent bare pavement on streets sections, bare pavement intersection approaches and curves. Cul-de-sacs and dead end streets may have few, if any, bare pavement spots. Gravel and dirt road surfaces shall be plowed to provide a hard pack surface with sand and/or abrasive spread as necessary for traction.

During light to normal snowfalls, streets will be plowed full width on the initial pass. During heavier snowfalls, streets shall be plowed as wide as possible initially and widened as the storm intensity lessens. The Public Works Supervisor shall determine if this practice is warranted. After the storm passes, clean up operations shall begin to clear intersections and snow storage areas along corners and boulevards.

Plowing Timeline

It is the City's intent to complete initial plowing and widening operations within 12 hours of the cessation of the storm. Clean up operations should be complete within 24 hours for light snowfalls, and within 48 hours for heavy snowfalls. Major blizzards may require additional time.