Complaint Procedure

General Complaint Process

Complaints regarding snow and ice control or damage shall be taken during normal working hours and handled in accordance with the City's normal complaint procedure by emailing Public Works or calling at 763-785-6165.

Complaints or questions are taken by the secretarial staff in the department. Many of the problems are resolved at that level. Complaints needing further attention are answered by a supervisor or the Public Works Director.

Some of these problems can be resolved or answered by a return phone call. However, many require a visit to the resident to see the complaint or problem. All calls are answered and logged during working hours. After hours calls can be left on the City Hall answering machine and are dealt with during the next business day.

Complaint Satisfaction

It should be understood that complaint responses are to ensure that the provisions of the Snow and Ice policy have been fulfilled and that all residents of the City have been treated uniformly. Complaints regarding the provisions of this policy may not be satisfied with the initial response. It is the City's intention to log all complaints and upgrade this policy as necessary and in consideration of the constraints of our resources.

High Priority Complaints

High priority complaints (those involving access to property or problems requiring immediate attention) shall be handled on a priority basis. Response time should not exceed 24 hours for any complaint.