Sod Damage

Sod Reimbursement

Sod damage in the right-of-way during snow removal will be the responsibility of the City, however, the City will not replace the damaged area with sod. Instead the City will pay the property owner based on a square foot basis.

The property owner will be reimbursed at a rate of $.30 per square foot of the damaged are within the right-of-way. This must be verified by the Public Works Department after receiving notification from the property owner, prior to April 15th.

In addition to square footage reimbursement, an additional administrative / replacement fee of $5 will be allocated to the property owners incurring 50 square feet of damage or less, and a fee of $10 will be allocated to those property owners incurring in excess of 50 square feet of damage. This administrative fee is designed to cover expenses involved in obtaining necessary materials to repair the damage.

After Verification

If sod damage is verified after notification from a resident is received, a claim for reimbursement will be submitted to the City Finance Department and the check forwarded to the resident by the Public Works Department.

The property owner will have an option for either sod damage reimbursement or repair performed by the Public Works Department with black dirt and seed. The City of Blaine will not be responsible for watering of the sod or the black dirt and seed.


For more information or to report damage, please contact the Public Works Department at 763-785-6165.