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The City of Blaine's parks division has been heavily involved in the construction and maintenance of all parks in the City including the athletic fields, buildings, playground equipment, hockey rinks, and fencing.

Field Maintenance

We are currently providing all the maintenance on 64 parks throughout the City. Much emphasis is put on our many sports fields. All of these sites get daily maintenance. This maintenance includes:
  • Dragging infields
  • Irrigation
  • Mowing
  • Painting of field lines
  • Picking up garbage
  • Trimming
The City also has twenty one smaller fields throughout the City. These also get daily to weekly maintenance, depending on the game schedules. Play at the major sites starts in April and runs well into October.

Playground Maintenance

The parks division has placed great emphasis for the past several years in the inspection and replacement of the playground equipment throughout the City. All play equipment is inspected weekly. We have replaced play equipment at many of our City parks with equipment that meets all current, safety standards; many units will accommodate handicapped users.

Facility Maintenance

Blaine parks also provide many other types of activities for the residents. These consist of:
 seven football fields, three game fields, and four practice fields. Eight tennis areas, thirteen basketball areas, six hockey rinks, and eight general use rinks are also regularly maintained.

The fastest growing facilities in the park system are the paved bike or walking trails. The parks maintenance division has been very involved each year, paving and repairing these trails throughout the City.