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The main responsibility of the sewer division is to maintain the city's 30 sewage lift stations and over 225 miles of sanitary sewer lines.
The lift stations pump the sewage to the Metropolitan Waste Control Commission system for treatment. For cleaning the sewer lines, the city has two high velocity sewer cleaning machines, called jet machines. Each year our staff cleans approximately 85 miles of line, or 1/3 of the total lines.
The city has the latest technology to control both the water and sewer lift stations. They are monitored by a master computer which has alarms to alert us quickly to any problems that may arise. This allows us to act promptly to correct or repair these problems.

Do Not Flush Items 

Please do not flush baby wipes or wet wipes down the toilet. Do not flush hand wipes or paper towels that have any fibrous material in them. These towel types do not break down and clog up our pumps which shut down and can cause a sewer backup and flood neighboring houses.

Tree Roots

Residents are requested to call the public works department when they have roots removed from the lines between the house and the street (their private sewer line). These roots often will cause problems for neighbors down stream.