Road & Pathway Maintenance

Boulevard Trees

The City of Blaine Street Department is responsible for maintaining boulevard trees for vehicle clearance and public safety. Routine trimming is done in the late fall through early spring on a rotating basis, roughly every 5 years, and is limited to the street side of the tree.

We generally look for low hanging and broken branches at this time. We will respond at any time through the year for hazards as they become known. The removal of dead branches or trimming other than the street side of the tree for appearance are the responsibility of the homeowner as they are not considered a public hazard.

Curbs & Gutters

Curb and gutter repairs are done following either damage or removal usually from utility repair such as storm water, city water or sanitary sewer repair. Broken or worn curb will be replaced only as it becomes a hazard to plows, vehicles or pedestrians.

Gravel Roads

Blaine has approximately 4 miles of gravel roads. Gravel roads are maintained with a road grader and are generally graded throughout the summer following rain. Rain adds moisture to the road surface and aids in compaction of the gravel. Class 5 gravel is added to roads, as needed, to help maintain the integrity of the road surface. Calcium Chloride is applied to the surface of the road once a year in the spring to help with dust control.

Paved Streets

Blaine has approximately 240 miles of paved bituminous streets. Recurring maintenance to these streets would include repairing potholes and crack sealing. Potholes are repaired year-round as weather permits and crack sealing is done in either the spring or fall based on past overlays and sealcoats.


Inspections of City sidewalks are performed annually looking for things such as trip hazards. These are then either repaired by grinding or replacing panels. Cracks or panel movement will be only addressed as they become a hazard.