Transmitter and Meter Replacement

HydroCorp Transmitter and Meter Replacement InformationThe city has contracted with HydroCorp to replace approximately 13,500 water meter transmitters and 7,200 water meters. They will be in the city replacing these transmitters and meters from late August 2018 through summer 2019.

The reason for this replacement is to ensure the continuing accuracy and functional operation of the meter reading system. The transmitters being replaced operate on an older technology and are nearing 15 years in age. These transmitters allow city staff to remotely read your water meter for billing. HydroCorp will also be replacing meters that are above 1 million gallons in usage and have an old transmitter.

Residents will be notified through the US Mail prior to HydroCorp beginning replacements in your area. You can expect to receive an initial notice approximately 30 days prior to HydroCorp starting the replacement. In the letter you will find the information needed to schedule your appointment. Appointments are available Monday thru Friday with installation blocks from 8AM to 12PM or 12PM to 4PM.

Please note that this does not affect everyone in the city and you will not receive a notice until 30 days prior to your installation window.