18-12: Pavement Condition Index Rating

The City of Blaine is in the process of doing a comprehensive multi-year pavement condition rating of all City streets.  The data generated will allow the City to better plan and select the most effective pavement rehabilitation methods, identify maintenance and rehabilitation needs, monitor pavement condition over time, develop a preventative maintenance strategy, and develop street maintenance budgets.

The City has hired Braun Intertec to do the pavement condition ratings starting on September 10.  You may notice Braun Intertec employees walking down City streets in your neighborhood and taking notes or pictures on a tablet computer as they rate each street.  Street ratings will be done this fall with all City streets west of Highway 65 to be completed yet this year.  Depending on weather conditions, some streets east of Highway 65 may also be able to be done in 2018.  In spring 2019, rating will begin on all streets between Highway 65 and Radisson Road, followed by all streets east of Radisson Road in summer/fall 2019.  

Pavement Rating Map