Picture Posts

Help Document Restoration Efforts and Environmental Changes

PicturePostSigns_Page_1-300Seven Picture Posts are installed at the Blaine Wetland Sanctuary. Each post guides visitors to photograph a location in three orientations. Photos are dated, geotagged, uploaded, and shared on this site. Over time, these photos document restoration efforts and environmental changes through the seasons and in years to come. 

How to Participate

  1. Take a photo of this sign including the time and date if possible.
  2. Place your phone/camera on the highest position of the post pointing in the direction of the arrow.
  3. Take a photo and repeat for all locations.
  4. Submit photos using the QR Code or upload to BlaineMN.gov/BWSGallery.

BWS Picture Post Gallery Opens in new window


Picture Post is a part of the Digital Earth Watch (DEW) network. DEW supports environmental monitoring by everyone!