18-16: Lever Street Area Reconstructions

Project Update - 10/9/2020

Lever Street

The project is completed.  Council adopted the assessment roll at their regular meeting on 6/1/2020.

Project Location 

  • Ball Road from 104th Avenue NE alignment to Lever Street NE
  • Lever Street NE from Ball Road NE to North Road NE
  • 103rd Lane NE from Lever Street NE to Sunset Avenue NE
  • National Street NE  from 103rd Lane NE to 105th Lane NE
  • 104th Avenue NE from National Street NE to Sunset Avenue NE
  • 104th Lane NE from National Street NE to Rockney Street NE
  • Rockney Street NE from 104th Avenue NE to 104th Lane NE
  • 101st Lane NE from Quito Street NE to Sunset Avenue NE 
  • Quito Street NE from North Road NE to 101st Lane NE

Project Description 

Proposed improvements include reclaiming existing bituminous pavement and adding curb and gutter, and additional storm sewer catch basins and piping along 103rd Lane NE, National Street NE, 104th Avenue NE, 104th Lane NE, Rockney Street NE, Quito Street NE,  and 101st Lane NE.  Lever Street NE improvements will include reclaiming of existing bituminous pavement and curb and gutter replacement as necessary for storm sewer installation, spot curb and gutter replacement, and spot sidewalk replacement in all other locations.  Ball Road NE will include reclaiming existing bituminous pavement and adding ribbon curb.  All streets listed will have appropriate traffic control signage and appurtenant construction.  Improvements to the storm sewer system include replacing the current storm sewer within the streets and adding additional catch basins and pipe (as mentioned above) to better accommodate storm water runoff.  Sanitary sewer castings will be replaced and water main gate valves will be adjusted within the roadway improvement area.

Project Documents

Lever Street Area Location Map