19-07: 2019 - 2020 Street Reconstructions

Project Update - September 20, 2019

The public hearing for proposed assessments before the Blaine City Council will be held on Monday, October 7, 2019 at 7:30PM.  

Once the proposed assessments are approved, notification will be mailed regarding payment options and instructions.

What will be Done on the Project?

  • The contractor will reclaim the existing pavement surface into gravel and then remove damaged curb and sidewalk where indicated on the plans.
  • The contractor will then install new concrete curb and gutter and sidewalk in the replacement areas.
  • The concrete will be allowed to cure for 3-7 days prior to paving a new bituminous pavement base course on the road.
  • Final restoration of turf and cleanup will be completed prior to paving the final bituminous pavement wear course.

Mail and Garbage

The contractor will be responsible to keep access available for mail delivery and garbage pick-up throughout the project.  The post office and garbage service will be notified when the road is under one way operation.

Vehicle Access on Project Streets

It is the goal of the project to keep access available at all times for residents of all properties that either take direct access off of Tournament Players Parkway or must use Tournament Players Parkway to access the public or private street their property is located on.

Tournament Players Parkway will be one way during the construction due to the need to construct one side of the parkway at a time. The one way traffic will switch directions depending on which half of the road is under construction.

Detours will be marked utilizing 109th Avenue and Radisson Road to bring vehicles to the proper entrance to Tournament Players Parkway.

Please see the enclosed detour maps for more information and inform your guests or special delivery drivers where appropriate.

See Phase 1 Map below.

Project Locations

  • Baltimore Street from 105th Avenue to approximately 575 feet north of 105th Avenue (2020)
  • Aberdeen Street from Cloud Drive to 125th Avenue (2020)
  • 123rd Ave from Aberdeen Street to approximately 200 feet west (2020)
  • Ulysses Street from Paul Parkway to approximately 750 feet south of 125th Avenue (2020)
  • Quail Creek Parkway from Radisson Road to Palisade Court (2020)
  • Radisson Road from 123rd Lane alignment to cul de sac (2020)
  • Tournament Players Parkway from 109th Avenue to Radisson Road (2019)
  • Flanders Street from 95th Avenue to Rice Creek Parkway (2020)
  • Rice Creek Parkway from Flanders Street to Xylite Street (2020)
  • Xylite Street from Rice Creek Parkway to 85th Avenue (2020)
  • 91st Avenue from Xylite Street to Bataan Street (2020)
  • Jamestown Street from 93rd Avenue to cul de sac (2020)
  • 94th Lane from Jamestown Street to Harpers Court (2020)
  • Harpers Court from 94th Lane to cul de sac (2020)

Project Description 

Proposed improvements include repair/replacement of concrete curb and gutter and sidewalk, pedestrian ramp improvements, storm sewer and structure improvements, full depth reclamation, new sanitary castings and rings, and appurtenant construction.  

Project Documents 

2019-2020 Street Reconstruction Feasibility Report (includes estimated assessments)Opens a New Window.

Bid Tabulation-Tournament Players Parkway

19-07 2019-2020 Street Reconstructions Location Map

Phase 1 Construction Map -Tournament Players