Annual Budgets

The Annual Budget (PDF) document includes all funds for which a budget was approved by the City Council. In addition to the General Fund, presented herein are budget plans for the Economic Development, Charitable Gambling and Cable Television special revenue funds; the Capital Equipment Fund; and the Water, Sewer, Refuse, and Storm Drainage enterprise funds.

The 2017 General Fund Budget totals $28,888,225, a $1.5 million increase over 2016 authorized funding levels. Taxes paid by Blaine property owners provide the single largest source of funding for city government operations. The pay 2017 general tax levy of $20,631,025 represents a $1,440,650 increase over the 2016 levy. As proscribed by the City Charter, the 2017 General Fund Budget includes a safe margin of revenues over expenditures of $43,350.

Blaine has a history of responsible fiscal management and the 2017 Annual Budget continues that trend while addressing the needs of a growing community. We take pride in our ability to provide quality city services at a good value.

Past Annual Budgets

Access past annual budgets in our Archive Center.
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