Northern Portion (Site 7)

The northern portion of the Blaine Wetland Sanctuary has been designated as site 7 by regulatory agencies for the purpose of creating a wetland bank. Site 7 is the second wetland bank that was created in the Blaine Wetland Sanctuary. A wetland bank allows developers or other agencies to purchase wetland credits to offset impacts to wetlands in other areas.

In 2015, the City of Blaine contracted with Critical Connections Ecological Services to start the process of developing a restoration plan for the norther portion of the Blaine Wetland Sanctuary. This portion is approximately 180 acres of open space that will remain as open space forever. Restoration work started in 2017. Restoration work included the removal of invasive, non-native species. Methods used during restoration included, tree removal, prescribed burns, and targeted herbicide treatment. In 2020 the restoration work will turn to long term management of the site.

The money generated by the wetland bank will be used for maintaining and updating the city's parks, trails, and open spaces.

Current Restoration/Maintenance Activity

  1. This restoration and maintenance work is funded through the city’s open space fund. 
    • The Blaine City Council has approved a contract to remove the dead and diseased ash trees throughout the entire Blaine Wetland Sanctuary. This work is scheduled for January - March 2021. All work is weather dependent and can only be completed when the ground is frozen enough to allow heavy equipment to access the site.
    • The same crews that will complete the ash tree removals will also clear the large brush piles left from previous restoration work.
    • Ongoing maintenance will also continue. This work is required maintenance to meet the wetland bank permit requirements.
Map of the northern portion of the Blaine Wetland Sanctuary