2020 Budget

For several years the Blaine City Council has directed staff to keep the city tax rate stable. For 2020 the city tax rate has been reduced by 0.149 percent. The tax rate is just one factor in calculating a tax bill and with property values rising many property owners will see their tax bills rise to reflect the new higher value of their property. Home values are determined by the Anoka County Assessor’s Office.

Blaine continues to have the lowest tax rate in Anoka County for a full service city. Additionally, Blaine has the lowest combined city utility rates when compared to surrounding cities and similar sized cities across the metro area.

View 2020 tax rates for Anoka County full service cities.

The 2020 budget allows for one additional police officer, one additional public works mechanic, increased efforts to combat Emerald Ash Borer, and funding to run the 2020 elections.

Safety services continues to be the biggest driver in the city budget accounting for just under 50 percent of the total general fund budget. The next largest section of the budget is public works which makes up about 24 percent of the total. The rest of the general fund city services are funded out of the remaining 25 percent of the budget.

Budget Approval Schedule

9/16/2019 - Certify proposed general fund budget and tax levy for fiscal year 2020.

9/30/2019 - Deadline for certification of 2020 tax levy with Anoka County for Truth in Taxation purposes.

11/10-25/2019 - Truth in Taxation statements will be delivered to property owners. This is the statement of your estimated taxes owed in 2020. Your tax estimate is based on your assessed property value and the tax levies (imposed) by the City of Blaine, Anoka County, and other taxing jurisdictions.

12/9/2019 - Truth in Taxation Hearing - Held in the Council Chambers at Blaine City Hall. A presentation will be made by finance staff, and public comment will be heard.

Watch the Truth in Taxation Public Hearing

View the Truth in Taxation Presentation

12/16/2019 - The final general fund budget and tax levy for 2020 was approved by the Blaine City Council.

If you would like more information on the city budget please contact Blaine Finance Director Joe Huss at 763-717-2677 or jhuss@blainemn.gov.

2020 General Fund Budget Breakdown

The general fund supports the daily operation of city departments.


  • Taxes: $25,900,000
  • Licenses and Permits: $2,394,000
  • Intergovernmental Revenues: $1,615,500
  • Charges for Services: $4,532,100
  • Fines and Forfeits: $245,500
  • Investment Earnings: $128,000
  • Miscellaneous: $105,500

Total General Fund Revenues: $34,920,600


  • Legislative:
    • City Council: $113,910
    • Commissions and Committees: $30,200
    • Legal: $310,000
    • Total Legislative: $454,110
  • Administration:
    • Office of the City Manager: $639,310
    • Office of the City Clerk: $603,580
    • Human Resources: $686,980
    • Communications: $441,155
    • Total Administration: $2,371,025
  • Finance:
    • Finance Department: $1,937,710
    • Information Services: $901,180
    • Total Finance: $2,838,890
  • Safety Services:
    • Safety Services Administration: $1,209,810
    • Emergency Preparedness: $300,000
    • Administrative Services: $890,400
    • Police Patrol: $6,700,290
    • Special Operations: $2,144,890
    • Police Records: $921,640
    • Community Outreach: $253,890
    • Community Services: $589,930
    • Fire Services: $2,202,950
    • Community Standards: $1,263,350
    • Total Safety Services: $16,477,150
  • Public Works:
    • Public Works Administration: $867,120
    • Public Works: $6,137,630
    • Engineering: $1,194,800
    • Total Public Works: $8,199,550
  • Public Services:
    • Public Services Administration: $186,550
    • Geographical Information Services: $317,020
    • Recreation: $1,231,965
    • Total Public Services: $1,735,535
  • Community Development:
    • Planning: $602,450
    • Building Inspections: $1,601,610
    • Total Community Development: $2,204,060
  • Unallocated:
    • Total Unallocated Services: $435,000

Total General Fund Expenditures: $34,715,320