Parkside North Commercial Development


Southeast Corner of Lexington Avenue and 125th Avenue 


Parkside North includes a combination of commercial and residential uses. The development includes commercial lots along Lexington Avenue, a high density residential parcel, and many single family and detached townhome lots. The commercial developments include: Kwik Trip, Kindercare, Renovation Church, and Royal Lakes Retail Center (a multitenant retail building).



Single Family Homes and Detached Townhomes: All homes have been completed.

Parkside 2

Apartment Site: One property has a land use designation of high density residential, which allows for apartments. A conditional use permit will be required for any development on this parcel. No application has been received at this time.

Royal Lakes Retail: The city council approved a rezoning, conditional use permit, and final plat to allow for a multitenant retail building including a restaurant. 

Royal Lakes

Renovation Church:  A conditional use permit and final plat application was approved by the city council. Construction on the project began in 2020.

Rennovation Church

Kindercare: Kindercare completed construction in 2020.

Kwik Trip: Kwik Trip opened in 2019

Future Commercial: A vacant site remains on the south side of 122nd Avenue. Any development of this parcel would require a conditional use permit. No application has been received at this time.

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