Harpers Street Development Area


North of 125th Avenue, centered on Harpers Street


The Harpers Street development area has been under development since 2005 and continues to develop as larger lots are subdivided. The development area includes several small subdivisions as 5 acre lots are developed. The entire development area is guided in the 2040 Comprehensive Plan for low density residential at a density of 2.5-6 units per acre.

Harpers Street

Wagamon Ranch

Wagamon Ranch is a 108 lot single family development featuring larger custom built homes and a clubhouse for residents. 


Springbrook is an 88 unit single family development by Capstone Homes. The development includes a the end of the Coral Sea Court cul-de-sac connected to the Wagamon Ranch development. 

Brian’s Meadows

Brian’s Meadows is a 12 lot single family home development with homes built by TH Construction

Harpers Haven

Harpers Haven is a 14 lot single family home development by Summit Land Development.

Harpers Haven Color

Deer Pond

Deer Pond is an 8 lot single family home development.