Conducting City Business

Blaine City Hall is open for walk-ins and appointments. Specific information regarding each department can be found below. Most city business can be conducted by phone or email, for those who choose to interact in that way. You can find contact information at

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Building Status

  • Blaine City Hall
    (open for walk-ins and appointments, see specific department information for details)
    10801 Town Square Drive NE
  • Blaine Public Works
    (open for walk-ins)
    1801 101st Avenue NE
  • Mary Ann Young Center
    (open for in person programming, one on one appointment based services, and curbside meal pickup)
    9150 Central Ave NE
  • All city park buildings
    (some spaces are available for rent for small group meetings and classes)

New Options to Communicate with the City

The City of Blaine has new options available to communicate with the city. 

  • Online Chat - On the city website, look for the chat feature in the bottom right hand corner. 
  • Text the City - Residents can text the city with COVID-19 related questions at 763-292-4569. 

City staff is available Monday - Friday 8AM to 4:30PM to answer questions and guide visitors to the correct information. Both options allow for after hours contact, just leave your message and city staff will respond between normal business hours.

Connecting with City Departments

  1. Building Inspections
  2. City Clerk
  3. Community Standards
  4. Elections
  5. Engineering
  6. Human Resources
  7. Parks and Recreation
  8. Planning
  9. Police Department
  10. Public Works
  11. Utility Billing
  1. Blaine City Hall is Open for Walk-ins and Appointments

    You can access permit applications, requirements, and submittal information at Building Inspections staff is available by phone, email, and in person at Blaine City Hall.

    You can find contact information at

    Fully vaccinated individuals are no longer required to wear a face mask inside city facilities. Unvaccinated individuals are strongly urged to wear a face mask. If you do not have a face mask, the city will provide a disposable one to you.

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How to Attend Blaine City Council and Other Public Meetings

  1. Blaine City Council, Boards, and Commissions

Blaine City Council, Boards, and Commissions

  1. City of Blaine public meetings are held in the City Council Chambers at Blaine City Hall. These meetings will be a hybrid of Zoom meetings and in-person meetings. Members of the council, boards, commissions, and the public who wish to attend remotely can join the meetings via Zoom.

    The City Council Chambers will have limited seating, with audience chairs being set up at least six feet apart. There will be an overflow area where the meeting can be watched in the Cloverleaf Farms Room, also with chairs set up at least six feet apart. Please note that anyone inside city hall is required to wear a face mask at all times. For individuals without a face mask the City will provide a disposable mask to wear while in city hall. Any members of the public attending meetings in person at Blaine City Hall will need to go through a temperature screening and will also be asked to voluntarily sign in with their name and contact information in case any follow up contact tracing is needed. A hand sanitizer station will be located outside of the council chambers. All individuals are asked to sanitize their hands prior to entering the chambers. When speaking to the council there will be a mark on the floor for the public to stand while speaking.

    Public Comment Before a Meeting

    If you will not be attending the meeting in-person, city staff has developed a public comment process for virtual meetings. A public comment email address,, and phone number, 763-717-2782, allow individuals to submit comments prior to a meeting. Those comment boxes are available until noon on the day of the meeting. The comments will be compiled and delivered to the Blaine City Council or the appropriate commission or advisory board.

    Public Comment During a Meeting

    Public comment is usually heard during any scheduled public hearings and during open forum. There will be a microphone located in the City Council Chambers for members of the public to use when offering comments. There will be a mark on the floor to indicate where to stand when speaking to the council. Due to limited space and the need for social distancing, groups that wish to speak at a public meeting are asked to send one representative to speak. Others can participate virtually via Zoom. Please note that any items you wish to show to a council, board, or commission such as a petition or photos should be submitted prior to the meeting. Social distancing will be enforced in the City Council Chambers so no items will be able to be handed to staff or councilmembers during the meeting. After your agenda item is complete, please leave the council chambers so that others can fill the space for the next agenda items.

    Members of the public who will not be attending the meeting in-person and who wish to comment during public comment periods will be asked to join the meeting on the Zoom webinar platform. Meeting attendees will be able to click the raise hand button, this will alert city staff that an individual wishes to comment. When it is time for comments, individuals will be recognized and their microphones will be enabled allowing them to comment. Zoom meeting information can be found in the calendar notification and on the agenda for each meeting. For more information and to view the meeting calendar, visit

    Ways to Watch a Meeting

    If you do not wish to comment on an item but still want to watch the meeting you are asked to watch through all the normal methods the City provides. You can watch on North Metro TV which is available on Comcast (channel 799 and 16) or through a free app on Apple TV or Roku. You can also watch a live stream at

    Any questions regarding Blaine City Council meetings can be directed to City Clerk Cathy Sorensen at 763-785-6124 or

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