iMS Pro Account Creation Information

  1. Account Creation Directions

    1. Register as a new user
      Select register as a new user.
      Register as a New User

    2. Register for Access
      Please provide your full name, email, and password and select register.Register for Access

    3. Registration Pending
      After completing the registration form, a registration pending notification will be displayed.
      Registration Pending

    4. Confirm New Account
      A confirmation email will be sent to the email address provided during registration.  Go to your email and select Validate. (Please note, if you do not see the confirmation email, check your junk or spam folder.)
      Confirmation Email

    5. Email Address Confirmed
      After validate is selected, a thank you for confirming your email address page is presented.Email Address Confirmed

    6. Login to iMS
      Login to iMS by visiting Enter your email address and password.

      Login to IMS

    7. Contractor Licenses
      In the Contractor Licenses tile, select License/Registration.

      Contractor Licenses

    8. City License and Registration
      Select City License/Registration

      City License and Registration

    9. Company Information
      Fill in the company information requested.
      Company Information

    10. License Information
      Select the licenses you would like to register for and follow the prompts for uploads. Please refer to the license requirements sheet for documentation and information needed during the registration process. 
      Download License Requirements Information (pdf)

      License Information

    11. Applicant Information
      If the applicant information is the same as the company information, select me and the system will fill in your information automatically. If not, fill in the correct information.

      Applicant Information

    12. Supporting Documentation
      Upload supporting documentation.
      Supporting Documentation

    13. Accept Agreement
      Accept if you agree to the Indemnification Agreement and the Government Data Practices Act: Tennessen Warning.


    14. Review and Submit Information
      After reviewing the applicant summary, select Submit.
      Application Summary

    15. Application Submittal and Review Process
      After application submittal, a permit technician will review your application and send an email with your license. If fees are owed, this information will be included in the email.
      Application Submittal