Smoking Policy

Smoking is Prohibited

Administrative policy for tobacco use in City of Blaine Parks.

Section 1: Rationale & Parameters

WHEREAS, the City acknowledges that tobacco use can be an offensive behavior for users of Blaine parks; and the City believes all adults involved with youth recreation activities in Blaine parks should be role models for youth in promoting healthy behaviors and lifestyle choices; and organized youth sports groups using Blaine park facilities restrict the use of tobacco products by coaches, sponsors, and parents; and the City Park Advisory Board believes that non-tobacco use by all park users is a preferred and more socially acceptable behavior in Blaine parks, therefore be it resolved that the tobacco use policy for Blaine parks shall be as follows:

  • Tobacco Free Areas will be designated for the following amenities in City of Blaine parks:
    • All playground areas, attached or separate, and 25 feet from the playground border or stand alone equipment, and includes park benches and other seating within this area.
    • All softball, baseball, soccer, lacrosse, football fields and basketball, volleyball, skating, tennis facilities, and 25 feet from facility fencing or in-play areas defined by field markings, and include bleachers and other seating within this area.
    • All park building entrances and 25 feet from the entrances.
    • All park shelter areas and 25 feet from shelter's structure.

Section 2: Enforcement

  • Conformance shall be generally achieved through voluntary compliance.
  • Appropriate signs shall be posted in all Blaine Parks.
  • The community, facility users, and staff will be notified about this policy.
  • Staff will make periodic observations of recreational facilities to monitor for compliance.
  • Any person observed violating this policy by Police, Park Patrol, or Community Service Officers will be asked to properly dispose of said product and/or remove themselves from the tobacco free areas.

Section 3: Effective Date

This administrative policy is adopted by the Blaine City Council on November 4, 2010 and is effective on January 1, 2011.