New Buildings

  1. Step 1 - Review and Prepare
  2. Step 2 - Create an Account/PRO
  3. Step 3 - Apply
  4. Step 4 - Review and Payment
  5. Step 5 - Schedule an Inspection

Review and Prepare

The following documents need to be available for upload during the online application process. Please note, all documents need to be in a PDF format.

  • Plans and Job Specifications
  • Civil/Utilities Plans
  • Supporting Documents
  • Site and Landscape Plan/Survey
  • SAC Determination Form

General Information

  • SAC determination must be back from the Metropolitan Council before the building permit will be issued.
  • State projects are state owned buildings, a school district project, or charter school project the cost of which is $100,000 or more, or a state licensed facility such as nursing home, supervised living facility, hospital, free-standing outpatient surgical center, correctional facility, residential hospice, or boarding care.
  • Plans must be approved by our Building, Planning, Fire, Utility, and Engineering Departments prior to the issuance of the permit.
  • The general contractor must be listed on the application prior to the issuance of the permit. A “GC Acknowledgement” form must be filled out and submitted.
  • All sub-contractors must be listed in the IMS online application prior to the issuance of the building permit. All sub-contractors must have an up-to-date commercial license and insurance and be registered in our IMS system to issue the permit.
  • Mechanical, Plumbing, and Electrical plans must be submitted for review prior to the permit being issued. A separate electrical permit is obtained through the State of MN, not the City of Blaine.
  • A separate fire suppression permit is required but not needed at the time of submittal or issuance of the permit but recommended to be submitted early in case there are any issues, so it won’t delay the project.
  • Energy Code Compliance forms (thermal envelope, interior & exterior lighting, mechanical, and service water heating) must be submitted. On the plans, and in the application, it must state whether the building is designed using ASHRAE 90.1 or IECC, cannot combine the two. U-factors and SHGC for all fenestration must be listed on the plans.
  • Geotechnical soils report required prior to issuance of permit.
  • SAC determination from Met Council is required.
  • Special Inspections form. This form must be signed and dated by the owner, contractor, architect, and a representative of the firm/agency (we will need the name of the firm/agency as well) who will be performing the actual special inspections.
  • EIFS/Sealant forms required (if applicable). Provide EIFS specs as well.
  • An approved Rice Creek watershed permit must be in the hands of our Engineering Department prior to the issuance of the permit.
  • Erosion control and sediment measures must be installed around the project site and approved prior to the building permit being issued.
  • All SIPA and financial guarantees must be submitted to our Planning Department prior to the issuance of the permit.
  • Temporary Heat Permits are required.

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  10. Does the general contractor and/or subcontractor’s company name need to be entered in the permit application for the submittal to be accepted and plan review to begin?
  11. Once the general contractor is awarded for new building and addition permits, how are they added as the responsible party/applicant for the permit?
  12. Are insurance certificates or bonds required at the time of submittal? If so, by whom?
  13. Are separate applications required by the subcontractors? If so, by whom?
  14. What type of Commercial permits is Landlord approval needed for? If so, at permit submittal or at permit issuance?
  15. Can we receive our permit without the landlord’s shell building work being completed and finaled prior to Substantial Completions?
  16. Are low voltage permits required?
  17. Are low voltage permit applications required at the time of building permit submittal for the release of the building permit?
  18. Do fire alarm and sprinkler drawings need to be submitted with the building permit application?
  19. Do the fire protection subcontractors need to prepare drawings, cut sheets, and calculations for building permit submittal?
  20. Can the submittal be mailed in?
  21. Can the submittal be made in person?
  22. Does the building department offer expedited services or work with any specific expeditors?
  23. Is a plan check fee do at the time of permit submittal?
  24. Are permit fees due at the time of submittal or permit pick up?
  25. Are there any additional fees to be aware of?
  26. What other items may be required prior to the building permit being issued?
  27. Current building codes being used:
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