Backflow Testing

Backflow Testing Requirements General Information

  • Backflow testing must be completed.
  • All backflow test results must be entered by the company online in City of Blaine’s online permitting system, iMS.
  • All backflow testers and/or rebuilders must register their license with the City of Blaine to perform backflow testing within the city.
    • This is a personal/individual registration that must be completed by the license holder with their own personal account information. A plumbing company cannot register for their employee. This registration must be completed before test results performed by that employee can be entered. See Backflow Tester Registration Help below for step-by-step directions to register.  
    • Annual Renewal Contact information is a required field on all test results submittals. This contact is the owner or property manager of the property that will be contacted in the future if the device passes the expiration date. Do not enter the testing company’s information in this contact field. 
      • For commercial, enter party responsible for backflow test hiring such as owner, business/property manager, etc.
      • For residential, please enter "Homeowner" for the name and enter the builder's email address and phone.

How to Enter Backflow Test Results

  1. Submit Test Results for Newly Installed System
  2. Submit Annual Test Results

Newly installed backflow devices need to be entered into the Blaine iMS system on the permit that covers the installation. If the permit that covers the backflow installation was not obtained by your company, please request the permit number from the permit holder.

For example: 

  • New houses with irrigation: device is entered on the New Single Family permit that was obtained by the builder. 
  • New commercial buildings: device(s), including any fire suppression system backflow devices, are entered on the plumbing permit for the new build.
  • New irrigation system: device is entered on the plumbing permit for the irrigation system.   

Visit, login, and follow these steps:

  1. Enter the permit # into the "Goto Record #" in the top blue banner. If you do not have the permit #, you can request it from the permit holder, search for the appropriate permit by address, or contact 763-785-6170 for help finding the correct permit #. Goto Record #
  2. Select the "Manual Actions" button that looks like a lightning bolt.
    lightning bolt
  3. Toggle on the "Add Backflow Assembly" and select "Execute".
    Select Action - Add Backflow Assembly
  4. A new test result application screen will appear. Follow the prompts adding the:
    • Device Information – includes serial #, device location, system serves, and install date.
    • Test Results – includes test results for device and gauge calibration date 
    • Annual Renewal Contact –
      • For commercial, please list the party responsible for future backflow test hiring such as owner, business/property manager, etc. 
      • For new residential, please list “Homeowner” in the name field, the property address, and the builder’s phone and email
    • Tester Contact – This search field only pulls registered testers/rebuilders with an active account. If your tester does not pull up in the search results, please ask them to either register their personal licensing or update their existing account.
    • Testing Company Contact 
  5. Make sure to select "Submit" once you get to the summary screen.
  6. Please only select “Another” if entering another device at the same location and covered under the same permit.
    application submitted view

Backflow Tester Step by Step Registration Help

City of Blaine - Backflow Testing iMS Registration

Registering is a two-step process. First create an account and then after your iMS account is setup, add your backflow licensing to that new account. 

You will need to upload a copy of your license during registration. If you do not have a digital copy available, access this online system with a smart phone or tablet and you will be able to take a picture of the license to upload it during the license application process. 

Please follow the steps below to register as a backflow tester/rebuilder:

  1. Visit and select on Step 2.
    Contractor Licensing and Registration
  2. Select “Create An Account” and follow the prompts to create your iMS account. Step by step directions can be found here at
    caution-icon-40x40Important: Please enter your personal information, name, address, phone, and email; not your employer’s information. This registration is for your personal license you hold with the state.
    Contractor Licensing and Registration - Create a Pro Account
  3. After your iMS account has been activated, you have confirmed your personal contact information, and you have logged back into iMS, Select "+License/Registration" found under the Contractor Licenses tile. If you cannot find this, please visit, Select Step 2, and then Select "Create a Pro Account".
    contractor licenses
  4. Enter your personal information on the Company Information screen.
    Company - City License/Registration
  5. Select either Backflow Prevention Rebuilder or Backflow Prevention Tester.
    license information
  6. Enter the required fields according to your license type.
    State Licenseer your personal information again on the Applicant Contact Information section.
    Contact Information - City License/Registration

  7. Upload required license(s).

    Computer View
    Upload Backflow Prevention Rebuilder License
    Smart Phone/Tablet View
    (allows you to take a picture to upload your license)
    Mobile View - Upload Backflow Prevention Tester License
  8. After the upload, you will be asked to read and accept an Indemnification Agreement and Tennessen Warning.

  9. Then you will see the Application Summary screen. Use this to check everything you entered is correct and if so, select “Submit” at the bottom of the application page. 

Once your application is reviewed and if approved, you will receive an email stating that it was approved. If your application needs more information, you will receive an email requesting more information.

You will only need to update your licensing information within this system when your state license expires.