Aurelia Park Pond Project

The City of Blaine is partnering with the Coon Creek Watershed District (CCWD) to construct a new stormwater pond in the southwest corner of Aurelia Park. The pond is part of an ongoing effort by the City to enhance water quality in the area. This pond will act as a filter by allowing pollutants to settle, it will also provide water storage during high precipitation events, and enable stormwater to be used to water the park grass.

At the time your neighborhood was constructed, stormwater was not considered in the design of the neighborhoods. Since that time, concerns over the quality and quantity of the water flowing off the streets, sidewalks, driveways, and rooftops have emerged. Treatment practices are now required to be installed to help clean the water and provide storage capacity to help prevent flooding.

To construct this pond, some trees will be removed from the southwest corner of the park, but the project also includes planting replacement trees around the perimeter of the new pond and elsewhere in the park. The design team will leave as many existing trees as possible.

Proposed Plan

Aurelia Park Proposed Plan - 800x520

Proposed Plan Perspective

Aurelia Park Perspective - 800x520

Additional Project Information

Open House - Thursday, April 29, 6-7PM

The City and CCWD would like to invite you to an open house scheduled for Thursday, April 29 from 6–7PM. During the open house, City staff and CCWD staff will give a short presentation about the project and then open it up for questions and comments.

The open house will be held at Blaine City Hall in the City Council Chambers. Members of the public are invited to attend in person or remotely through Zoom. Due to COVID-19 capacity limits in person attendance is limited. Face masks are required for anyone attending in person at city hall.

How to Attend


If you are unable to attend the open house, it will be recorded and made available after the meeting.

legacy_logo-H_cmykProject Funding

The funding for this project is through a State of Minnesota Clean Water Land and Legacy Grant, city stormwater utility fund, and the CCWD.