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Project Description

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Northtown Mall and the surrounding area are vital to the Blaine economy. With changes in the retail landscape and in the community, the City is putting a focus on the future of the Northtown area. The City sought proposals for a redevelopment and revitalization plan for the Northtown area. The City received proposals from 10 different firms. The top five firms were interviewed in late June and the Blaine Economic Development Authority entered into an agreement with Damon Farber in July 2021.

Damon Farber rose to the top of the candidate pool due to their communication approach, their invaluable experience with Burnsville Center, Rosedale, and Ridgedale Mall, the quality of the proposal, their connections and market experience in the retail sector, and their architectural perspective for this plan.

The study will take approximately nine months to complete and there will be opportunities for public input during the process. The study will include the Northtown Mall property plus the surrounding area. The long term plan will address land use, redevelopment/revitalization options, multimodal transportation and public improvements. The City’s goal is to help Northtown Mall continue to be a relevant and important asset to the City and to spur growth appropriate with current market trends and community desires.

The final plan will be presented to the City Council in May 2022.

  1. Erik Thorvig

    Community Development Director
    Phone: 763-785-6147

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