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Learn About the Master Plan

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Northtown Mall and the surrounding area are vital to the Blaine economy. With changes in the retail landscape and in the community, the City is putting a focus on the future of the Northtown area. 

A study was completed in May 2022 and the new master plan for the area was adopted by the Blaine City Council in July 2022. The plan includes the Northtown Mall property plus the surrounding area. The long term plan will address land use, redevelopment/revitalization options, multimodal transportation, and public improvements. The City’s goal is to help Northtown Mall continue to be a relevant and important asset to the City and to spur growth appropriate with current market trends and community desires.

The implementation of the plan is expected to take many years to complete. Some early changes in the area could take place by 2030 with long term changes taking 25-30 years to come to fruition.

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