Candidates Filing for Office

Candidate Filing

Candidates interested in running for City offices will be able to file in May 2018. Check back here for more information.
A person filling out a form.

Candidate Filing Locations & Times

You can bring you documents to City Hall. Filing for office will be held in May 2018.  Interested residents can file if they are: 
  • A resident of Blaine 30 days before the General Election
  • A resident of the Ward in which they are filing unless filing for Mayor, which is at large
  • At least 21 years of age upon assuming office
  • Eligible to vote
A filing fee of $50 or petition in place of the filing fee is required. City offices for the 2018 General Election will include one seat in each of the three Council Wards. For more information visit the City's website or contact the Blaine Elections Office.

Forms Required for Candidate Filing

Below is the 2016 Blaine Candidate Filing Packet.  The 2018 Candidate Filing Packet will be made available in May 2018.