Utility Construction Permit

Right-of-Way Ordinance

The City of Blaine receives requests from utility companies such as gas, electric, telephone, cable TV, etc., to install infrastructure in City controlled right-of-way. The Blaine City Council has determined that a uniform policy for reviewing these requests is desirable. State Statute 237.163 Use and Regulation of Public Right-of-Way and City Code of Ordinances Chapter 70, Special Events, Streets, Sidewalks and Other Public govern the rules set forth in this policy.

Permit Requirements

On new developments, all utilities must be installed via joint trench and must be located in the boulevard area of the right-of-way.

Utility companies and their contractors must register with the City of Blaine annually using the city’s annual Right of Way Registration Form. There is a one time $25 fee for registering for the first time starting in 2014.

The utility construction permit application will need to be filled out anytime a utility contractor will be working in the right-of-way or working within utility easements in the City of Blaine. The permit fee is $150 and will be billed on a quarterly schedule.

The application and a map of the area of work should be forwarded to smallutilitypermit@blainemn.gov.

Utility Construction Permit Documents