Pickleball Leagues, Programs, and Tournament Information

Pickleball Leagues, Programs, or Tournament information and registration, go toNorthstarPickleballAssociation.com


BlaineParks.com/Register and search under adult sports.

*New Indoor Winter Open Pickleball at Spring Lake Park High School: Learn More

Morning Pickleball Email List

Any pickleball players interested in getting on the morning email list to stay in contact with other players should contact Richard at the following email address:

Richard: keiserdd@gmail.com

Richard will be sending out morning email confirmations to organize playing dates and times.

Pickleball Locations

Pickleball Rules

  • Pickleball courts are intended for Pickleball use only.
  • Pickleball courts are open daily from dawn to 10:30PM at Lexington and 9PM at all other locations.
  • Players are requested to observe and follow all guidelines and schedules posted.
  • No skates, skateboards, bicycles, or animals are allowed on the courts.
  • Use of tobacco, vaping products, or alcohol is prohibited.