22-04: 2022 Street Reconstructions

Project Update - 8/12/2022

22-04: 2022 Street Reconstructions

The project consists of three separate project areas, which can be seen on map below.

Project Area 1

During the week of August 15 the contractor will continue restoring any impacted areas behind the curb, with sod scheduled to be installed at the beginning of the week. The final lift of bituminous pavement will be installed in the next couple of weeks once restoration activities are completed.

Project Area 2

Construction activities during the week of August 15th will include:

  • Removal of any remaining existing concrete curb and gutter
  • Partial driveway removals (typically 10 to 15 feet from behind back of curb)
  • Installation of concrete curb and gutter on Buchanan Street, Polk Street, 126th Lane, 127th Avenue, and 127th Lane 
  • Hydrant replacements on 127th Lane

 Project Area 3

Construction is anticipated to begin the week of September 6 for Project Area 3. 

If you have any questions regarding the project, please contact SEH inspector Erik Navratil at 612-257-4184 or enavratil@sehinc.com

22-04 Project Area Map

Project Location

The project areas include the following streets:

Project Area 1: (123rd Avenue / Buchanan Area)

  • 123rd Avenue from Buchanan Street to Ulysses Street
  • 124th Court from West cul-de-sac to Buchanan Street
  • 124th Court from West cul-de-sac to Pierce Street
  • 124th Lane from Pierce Street to Buchanan Street
  • Pierce Street from 123rd Avenue to 124th Lane
  • Pierce Court from Pierce Street to east cul-de-sac
  • Buchanan Street from Paul Parkway to 124th Lane

Project Area 2: (127th Avenue / Buchanan Area)

  • 126th Avenue from Polk Street to Taylor Street
  • 126th Lane from Taylor Street to Buchanan Street
  • 127th Avenue from Taylor Street to Buchanan Street
  • 127th Lane from Taylor Street to Central Avenue
  • Polk Street from 125th Avenue to 126th Avenue
  • Taylor Street from 126th Avenue to 129th Avenue
  • Buchanan Street from 126th Avenue to 127th Lane

Project Area 3: (129th Avenue)

  • 129th Avenue from 180 feet West of Isanti Street to Radisson Road

Project Description

The proposed improvements will include replacement of the existing street section, additional storm sewer, replacement of select water main valves and sanitary, and storm sewer manhole castings and rings. 

Project Documents