22-05: 89th Avenue and Davenport Area Street Reconstructions

Project Update - 11/21/2022

The project consists of five phases, which can be seen on the project phasing map below. Phase 1 was completed in 2022, with phases 2-5 being constructed in 2023.

Phase 1

Construction has been completed in Phase 1.

Phases 2-5

Construction will begin in Spring of 2023.

If you have any questions regarding the project, please contact Bolton & Menk inspector Travis Pearl at 612-599-3191 or Travis.Pearl@bolton-menk.com 

22-05 Phasing Plan

Project Location

The project areas include the following streets:

  • Baltimore Street from 85th Avenue to 89th Avenue
  • Davenport Street from 85th Avenue to 89th Avenue
  • 89th Avenue from Central Avenue (MN-65) to Davenport Street
  • 87th Avenue from Central Avenue (MN-65) to Hastings Street
  • Eldorado Street from 85th Avenue to 87th Avenue
  • Goodhue Street from 85th Avenue to 87th Avenue
  • Goodhue Street from 87th Avenue to northerly dead end
  • Jenkins Court from 85th Avenue to the cul de sac

Project Description

The proposed improvements would include a full reconstruction of the streets with new concrete curb and gutter, with the exception of Jenkins Court, which would be a mill/overlay with spot curb replacement. There would also be modifications and repairs to existing storm sewer and replacement of all sanitary sewer castings and rings.

Project Documents