Your business may be considering moving to a new location or making some updates to your existing location. It’s important to be compliant with city codes and ordinances and obtain all necessary permits for your project.

Building Permits

Building permits are required for changes to commercial/industrial spaces, including new walls, resurfacing parking lots, modifications to sprinkler systems, and more. Before making any changes to your space, call the building inspections department at 763-785-6170 or email or visit

Certificate of Occupancy

Any change in ownership or tenant of commercial/industrial buildings requires a Certificate of Occupancy be obtained. This program allows business owners and business tenants the opportunity to learn what is required to occupy their space in a way that provides a safe work environment and meets the rules and guidelines of the City and the Minnesota State Building and Fire Codes. It is specifically designed to try to avoid business location decisions that end up not working because of code related occupancy or use issues. Learn more and apply for a Certificate of Occupancy at

Sign Permits

Businesses are permitted to have one feather style sign or a 32 square foot banner (attached to the building) without a permit. New businesses may install temporary banners over existing signs without a permit. All other temporary signs require a permit and are limited to 8 weeks a year, or 10 weeks for new businesses. All permanent signage requires a sign permit. For more information, visit

Business Licensing

The City of Blaine does not require business licenses, except for specifically regulated businesses, including tobacco, alcohol, massage, kennels, and amusement centers. To see if your business needs a license, visit

For any additional questions regarding a business license, contact the City Clerk’s Office at 763-785-6122.