Thrive on 65 - icons - 3Community Input

Public feedback is an important part of this project. From October 2021 to June 2022, six public events, in-person and virtual, were held to gather feedback on the proposed design alternatives. 

The following themes were heard most often from the community:

  • Access to local businesses
  • Hwy 65 is a barrier to better community access 
  • More bike and pedestrian access are desired
  • Positive impacts created by new frontage roads
  • Skepticism about roundabouts 
  • Overall support for Alternative 1A

Based on the comments and concerns outlined by residents and overall design feasibility, Alternative 1A was selected. Additional comments and concerns raised will be considered as the design process continues to unfold. 


Image of highway 65 intersection with text Facebook Town Hall May 19 at 7PM Opens in new window

Image of highway 65 intersection with text In person open house May 24 4-7PM

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