2023 Budget

For several years the Blaine City Council has directed staff to keep the city tax rate stable. As staff and the City Council worked on developing the 2023 budget it became clear that due to rising property values and additional development in the City, the tax rate would be able to be lowered in 2023.

Blaine continues to have the lowest tax rate in Anoka County for a full service city. Additionally, Blaine has the lowest combined city utility rates when compared to surrounding cities and similar sized cities across the metro area.

The tax rate is just one factor in calculating a tax bill and with property values rising rise property owners will see their tax bills rise to reflect the new higher value of their property. Home values are determined by the Anoka County Assessor’s Office.

Budget Creation and Approval Schedule

February 2022 - The 2023 budget process was discussed with the Blaine City Council at the winter council retreat.

February 2022 - Monthly meetings began between the finance department and all other city departments.

Spring 2022 - Department heads and managers submitted 2023 budgets and requests for review. 

May 2022 - A 2023 budget update was presented to Blaine City Council at the spring council retreat.

Summer 2022 - The finance department conducted the initial review of 2023 budget requests.

Late Summer 2022 - The city manager reviews budget requests and determines decision packages for City Council review.

Summer/Fall 2022 - Staff and the Blaine City Council reviewed the 2022 capital improvement fund budget.

9/12/2022 - The preliminary general fund budget and tax levy will be presented at the Blaine City Council workshop.

9/19/2022 - The Blaine City Council set the preliminary general fund budget and tax levy for fiscal year 2023. After the preliminary approval the tax levy can only be reduced.

9/30/2022 - Deadline for the certification of the 2023 tax levy with Anoka County for Truth in Taxation purposes.

Fall 2022 - The Blaine City Council reviewed all enterprise fund budgets and special revenue fund budgets. These are budgets that are not funded by property taxes. Many of these funds receive revenues from fees for services. These budgets were presented to the City Council at a workshop meeting. The Council is able to provide feedback and then the budgets were brought to a council meeting for approval.

  • Charitable Gambling Fund
  • Communications Fund
  • Facilities Management Fund
  • Sanitation Fund
  • Sewer Utility Fund
  • Storm Drainage Fund
  • Water Utility Fund

October 2022 - The City Council reviewed and provided feedback on the budget and tax levy at the fall council retreat.

November 2022 - Truth in Taxation statements were delivered to property owners. This is the statement of estimated taxes owed in 2023. The tax estimate is based on an assessed property value and the tax levies of the City of Blaine, Anoka County, school districts, and other taxing jurisdictions.

November 17, 2022 - The City held an online budget town hall live on Facebook at 7PM. 

12/12/2021 - The Truth in Taxation hearing was held at 7PM in the City Council Chambers at Blaine City Hall.

Watch Truth in Taxation Hearing

12/19/2021 - The Blaine City Council held a second public hearing for the tax levy and general fund budget. After the public hearing the City Council the Blaine City Council will voted to approve the 2023 tax levy and general fund budget.

Watch City Council Hearing and Budget Votes

If you would like more information on the city budget please contact Finance Director Joe Huss at 763-717-2677 or jhuss@blainemn.gov.