Community Garden

  1. Community Garden Use Guidelines

    1. All gardeners must adhere to the odd and even calendar gardening days or risk losing garden plot.
    2. Practice social and physical distancing of at least 6 feet at all times.
    3. Only have one person in your plot at a time, unless you live in the same household.
    4. Wear gloves when touching the water spigot and do not touch your face with the gloves before or after touching the common water spigot.
    5. Respect everyone and their space.
    6. Do not share gardening tools with others. 

Interested in gardening but live in an apartment or townhome?  Or maybe your yard is too shady?  Consider renting a  community garden plot. The Blaine Community Garden is located adjacent to Blaine City Hall’s south parking lot and consists of 56 plots.

A large garden next to a 3 story building.

Regular Plots (14x20)

Resident $75
Senior Resident (55+) $65
Non-resident $85

Half-Plots (15x10)

Limited number of plots.
Resident $50
Senior Resident (55+) $40
Non-resident $60

Raised Beds (8x4x2)

Limited number of plots.
Resident $40
Senior Resident (55+) $30
Non-resident $50
The city will prepare the soil for planting, stake each plot and make water accessible. Returning gardeners receive first priority for renting plots. For questions, please contact the Parks Department or Jerome Krieger.
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