Building Inspections

The City helps ensure the construction of safe building and protects community character through zoning and building code regulations. The Building Inspection Department administers these regulations through permits and inspections.

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  1. Septic System Maintenance Reporting

    Blaine residents/property owners with a septic system have to have a licensed Minnesota Pollution Control (MPCA) service provider submit an MPCA Septic Tank Maintenance Reporting Form to the City of Blaine Inspections Department at least once every three years. The form can be accessed at

    Tank Maintenance History

    Previously submitted pumping and maintenance records are available at; enter the address and select search. If pumping frequency exceeds the three year time limit, and Overdue Notice will be sent. If routine maintenance is not performed, the septic system may fail or have a shortened lifespan. The MPCA recommends pumping all tanks every two years.

    Due Dates

     Last Pump Date Septic Tank Maintenance Reporting Form Due
    2020 November 2023
    2019 November 2022
    2018 November 2021
    2017 November 2020
    2016 or earlier ASAP (overdue mailing sent)

    New Pumping/Maintenance Tracking Program

    The city is implementing a new pumping/maintenance tracing program. A pumping/maintenance First Reminder Notice will be sent in April of the prior pumping year. A Due to be Pumped Notice will be sent in April of the pumping year.

    Minnesota State Statute Rules

    Minnesota Rules Chapter 7080.2450, adopted by city ordinance, requires any individual sewage treatment system owner shall have the septic tank(s) pumped, cleaned, and inspected through the tank maintenance manhole no less than once every three years. After the pumping inspection has been completed, the licenses service provider shall submit the required MPCA Septic Tank Maintenance Reporting Form to the City of Blaine Building Inspection Department.

    Failure to Pump/Maintain

    If the MPCA Septic Tank Maintenance Reporting Form is not received by the city before September 1 of the year pumping is due, an Overdue Notice will be sent that requires immediate action.

    City Ordinance Chapter 34, Article VII, Sec. 34-250 Property Access - If the property owner fails to pump or maintain the subsurface sewage treatment system in accordance with Minnesota Administrative Rule chapters 7080.2450, after notification by the department, the city may order the required pumping and/or maintenance, and the owner will be responsible for the costs plus a $100 administrative fee.

    No Permit Required

    The city does not require a permit for pumping. The required MPCA Septic Tank Maintenance Forms are available at (no other forms accepted).  The completed form can be mailed, faxed, emailed, or dropped off at:

    City of Blaine
    Attn: Building Inspections
    10801 Town Square Drive NE
    Blaine MN 55449

    Fax: 763-785-6111

    Sale of Property

    Prior to property sale or transfer of ownership, a Compliance Inspection performed by a qualified private septic inspection.


    For more information or questions, contact the Building Inspection Department at 763-717-2657.

Electrical Inspections

Electrical Inspections/Permits are through the MN Board of Electricity. For information and questions please contact the Electrical Inspector Stephen Tokle.


Building and related permits ensure that projects will be constructed according to nationally recognized standards. The standards are designed to protect buildings from collapse and fire, and to ensure the safety of all building occupants. Review of permit applications also ensures that projects meet zoning requirements, such as yard coverage, setbacks and building height.

Some permits, such as residential plumbing, mechanical, building re-siding, re-roofing and window replacements can be issued at the time of application. Other residential permit applications take up to five working days or more to process. Applications for permits should be submitted well in advance of the scheduled starting date. This will allow time for city staff to offer assistance through the process and issue permit at the start of the project. This is especially true during the summer construction season.

Over the past 5 years Blaine building inspectors have performed approximately 65,000 inspections on construction valued at nearly $800,000,000. And over the last 5 years, approximately 1,600 new homes and town homes were built in the City of Blaine.

A building permit is needed for any new construction including:

  • Deck
  • Fence
  • Heating
  • In-ground pool
  • Mobile home set-up
  • Plumbing
  • Remodeling
  • Shed
  • Sprinkler systems