Single Family Homes

  1. Step 1 - Review and Prepare
  2. Step 2 - Create an Account
  3. Step 3 - Apply
  4. Step 4 - Review and Payment
  5. Step 5 - Schedule an Inspection

Please review the following information packets:

The following documents need to be available for upload during the online application process. Please note, all documents need to be in a PDF format.

  • Residential Lighting Schedule Form (PDF)
  • Tree Preservation Form (PDF)
  • Building Plans
  • Certificate of Survey (to scale)
  • Subcontractor List
  • Energy Code Compliance Certificate (PDF)
  • U-Factors for Each Window and Door
    (if required by development)
  • Radon Mitigation Design and Materials
    (shown on plans)
  • Braced Wall Panel Details and Methods
    (provided on plans for entire structure including sheathing type, fastening method, and specific locations of bracing units)
  • Site or Model Specific Structural Engineer's Design (for cantilevered sill plates)
  • Water Proofing Notes
    (on plants or exact type of full-width closed-cell material being applied between the sill plate and the top of the foundation wall)
  • Forestry Evaluation
    (required if there are clumps of trees or trees greater than 8 inches in diameter on the lot that are also located within 50 feet from all construction activity) (house pad, driveway, septic drain field, etc.)

Fee & Permit Process
The fee for a new home permit is valuation based see the fee schedule. 

  • Fee Schedule (PDF)
  • Review time is 10 business days. If everything is correct. It may be longer during heavy construction times.
  • Once your plan has been reviewed you will be contacted by email to login and pay for your permit.
  • When your permit has been paid for and you have the approved plans, you may start your work and schedule inspections. 
  • When scheduling Inspections please plan at least 2 - 3 business days out. During the busy construction months longer delays may occur.   

General Information

  • This is an all-inclusive permit. Building, utility-sewer, and water, mechanical, and plumbing permits are all included in this one permit. Electrical is by a separate permit through the State of MN.
  • All sub-contractors must be licensed before the permit can be issued.
  • If there are trees on the lot a forestry evaluation must be submitted with the plan. Tree fence and site inspection are required prior to issuance of building permit. 
  • Call or email Public Works at 763-785-6151 or, for an inspection. Please note that an inspection requires 48-hour notice. Tree preservation sign and tree preservation fence are required on-site. The Forestry Evaluation is required if there are clumps of trees or trees 8” in diameter or larger within fifty feet of all construction activity (such as house pad, driveway, septic system, or storage area of building materials). Refer to the tree preservation handout for more information.