Housing Services

Conducting City Business Remotely

  1. Conducting City Business

    Community Standards includes fire inspections, housing/rental inspections, and neighborhood services also known as code enforcement.

    All annual and routine fire, housing, and neighborhood services inspections will be suspended until the public health emergency is over. Permit inspections will be conducted on a limited basis. Inspections that are required for new construction projects needing to obtain a certificate of occupancy will be scheduled based on staff availability. Staff will be able to respond to phone messages and emails as necessary during this time.

    Complaints, whether fire, housing, or code related will be documented. Only complaints regarding exterior issues or which pose a life safety hazard will be followed up on during this time. All other complaints will be recorded and followed up on after the public health emergency is over. For more information, please contact Linda Archer at 763-785-6187 or email LArcher@BlaineMN.gov.

Housing Services is responsible for the rental license program for all single and multiple family rental property within the City of Blaine. All rental properties are required to obtain an annual license and scheduled inspections. The licensing period is June 1 through May 31 of each year.

Housing Services is also responsible for conducting the fire inspections of all apartments and residential board and care facilities, as well as responding to property complaints.

Rental Dwelling & Inspection Information