Neighborhood Services

Conducting City Business Remotely

  1. Conducting City Business

    Community Standards includes fire inspections, housing/rental inspections, and neighborhood services also known as code enforcement.

    All annual and routine fire, housing, and neighborhood services inspections will be suspended until the public health emergency is over. Permit inspections will be conducted on a limited basis. Inspections that are required for new construction projects needing to obtain a certificate of occupancy will be scheduled based on staff availability. Staff will be able to respond to phone messages and emails as necessary during this time.

    Complaints, whether fire, housing, or code related will be documented. Only complaints regarding exterior issues or which pose a life safety hazard will be followed up on during this time. All other complaints will be recorded and followed up on after the public health emergency is over. For more information, please contact Linda Archer at 763-785-6187 or email


Neighborhood Services enforces City Ordinances relating to the public health, safety and general condition and upkeep of the community.

This department responds to residents inquiries about code issues. If a code violation is found to exist, a letter is sent to the resident which outlines the steps that need to be taken to correct the violation. In most instances residents are simply unaware of the code and correct the situation immediately.

The Neighborhood Services Department strives to work cooperatively with residents and business owners to gain voluntary compliance of Community Standards (PDF). If the correction is not made in a reasonable amount of time a municipal or county ticket may be issued.

Review Ordinances

The City of Blaine has available, for inspection during regular office hours, a copy of all of the City's ordinances for review. You may also request a copy of an ordinance by calling Linda Archer 763-785-6187.

The Residential Guide to Community Standards (PDF) is also available for review.

Report a Code Violation

To report a code violation such as the outdoor storage of unused items or junk, inoperable/junk vehicles, illegal residential parking, or tall grass email Linda Archer or call at 763-785-6187. The City will make every effort to help remedy the situation.