Boards & Commissions

Board and Commissions Openings

The Blaine City Council is seeking applicants for several advisory boards and commissions. Board and commission members provide input and guidance on the many different matters that a growing city like Blaine faces. Vacancies are filled by mayoral appointment and confirmed by the Blaine City Council. Blaine’s boards and commissions include Natural Resources Conservation Board, Park Advisory Board, Planning Commission, Traffic Commission, and others.  Requirements for these volunteer positions include being a resident of Blaine, attending monthly meetings, and having a community interest.

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Blaine Advisory Boards and Commissions

Advisory boards and commissions meet monthly and provide recommendations to the Blaine City Council. These boards and commissions hold public hearings and are part of the official governmental process in Blaine.

Blaine Ad Hoc Boards and Commissions

These boards and commissions are appointed by the Blaine City Council but do not report directly to the Blaine City Council on a regular basis.

Blaine Community Boards and Commissions

Community boards and commissions are not appointed and do not report to the Blaine City Council. These boards and commissions serve to enhance the entire Blaine community.