Charter Commission


  1. Gigi Sadat-Hendi

    Charter Commission Chair
    Phone: 763-784-2162

  2. Stephen Berk

    Phone: 612-800-1933

  3. Alan Goracke

    Phone: 763-754-8643

  4. Jason Halpern

    Phone: 612-240-7583

  5. Jason Hartmann

    Phone: 763-786-1936

  6. Terri Homan

    Phone: 210-722-9047

  1. Jeffrey Lester

    Phone: 763-432-7990

  2. Daphne Ponds

    Phone: 512-417-9754

  3. Tonya Rowe

    Phone: 763-208-9664

  4. Lori Saroya

    Phone: 612-327-6700

About the Commission

The Charter Commission reviews the City Charter and recommends charter amendments in keeping with the state law. Commissioners are citizen volunteers recommended for appointment by the City Council to the Tenth Judicial District Chief Judge. The Charter Commission meets annually as required by statute, but may convene more often as needed.

Those interested in having direct input into City government are encouraged to consider serving on the Commission. Appointments are 4-year terms and Commissioners are no longer limited to two 4-year terms per Minnesota Statute. The Charter Commission must consist of a minimum of seven commissioners and no more than 15 commissioners.