Criteria for Acquisition

The following are criteria for acquisition:

  • The National Resources Conservation Board (NRCB) needs to identify land desired for open space and recommends specific parcels for City Staff to investigate.
  • City Staff will contact the land owner to discuss the open space effort and owners desire to in some way preserve the land.
  • The land owner determines willingness to proceed with discussions.
  • The land owner is presented with options for preserving the land that include but are not limited to:
    • City purchasing an open space
    • Collaborative efforts to partner with land owner in preserving lands
    • Private trusts to preserve land now and in the future
    • Private stewardship practices
  • You need the city staff to prepare up date reports and a final report on land investigations for the NRCB.
  • You need the NRCB to evaluate staff reports and make a final recommendation to the City Council on the status of specific parcels desired for open space.