Police Department Tours

Are you interested in touring the Blaine Police Department?

Tours of the Blaine Police Department are available for school aged children on select dates by reservation only. The tour will begin at 6:00PM and will end no later than 7:30PM. 

The entire tour group needs to arrive by 6:00PM; the tour group will be brought into the secured area only as a complete group. Anyone arriving after the tour has started will not be allow to join the group.

Group Size

  • Maximum 15 people (younger siblings are not permitted)

What to Expect from the Tour

  • K- Grade 1 - Squad car demonstration
  • Grade 2 & Up - Squad car demonstration and tour of secured facility

Adult Chaperones

  • No more than 1 adult per 5 children
  • The tour content will be focused on the children


This secured environment is considered "security information" by MN Statute 13.37 subd 1(a) which classifies security information as nonpublic information. Access to the secured police department facility requires that the following rules will be strictly enforced.

  • Please do not touch
    • This is an active working environment for authorized staff only
  • Absolutely NO PICTURES and NO VIDEO may be taken inside the secured facility
    • Staff will instruct all devices must be turned off prior to entry into the facility
    • A group photograph will be allowed with the squad car
  • The group must stay together at all times

Police staff reserves the right to end the tour at any time if the above rules are not followed.

It's Time to Request a Tour

If you have read, understand, and agree to abide by the qualifications and rules discussed above. It's time to request a tour.

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