Winter Weather Awareness

Winter in Minnesota is beautiful, but can be dangerous.

Dangers of Winter Weather

Most Minnesotans, through years of practice and experience, are knowledgeable about winter weather conditions. We know how to dress, drive, be active outdoors and generally get through the winter with our lives, homes and property intact. Nonetheless, deaths and injuries occur every winter because people fail to take precautions.

Carelessness, overconfidence, ignorance and innocence can lead to damage, injury or death from winter weather conditions.

Winter Weather Awareness

To help Minnesota residents minimize risks and mitigate the hazards of winter, the Minnesota Department of Public Safety — in collaboration with the National Weather Service and other state, federal and non-profit agencies — sponsors “Winter Hazard Awareness Week” each fall to educate, inform, remind and reinforce the behaviors that lead to a warm, safe and enjoyable winter season.