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Links to interactive and downloadable maps are below. To learn more about Geographic Information Services (GIS) check out the About section. To request a custom map or dataset, submit here, fees may apply.

Interactive Maps

City of Blaine Web Map

City of Blaine GeoMoose

Blaine Snow Plowing

City of Blaine Snow Plow Map

Anoka County GIS map

Anoka County GIS Web Map

Development in Blaine

City of Blaine Development Web Map

Blaine Industrial/Office Property

City of Blaine Industrial Property Web Map

Blaine Commercial Property

City of Blaine Commercial Property Web Map

FEMA Flood Maps

FEMA Flood Maps

Crime Mapping

LexisNexis Crime Mapping

Downloadable Maps

City of Blaine Street Map

City of Blaine Street Map

8.5x11 Precinct Atlas (wait for download)

Precinct Atlas

11x17 Precinct Atlas (wait for download)

Precinct Atlas

Blaine Poll Locations

City of Blaine Voting Precincts

Council Wards

City of Blaine Council Wards

Blaine Land Use Map

City of Blaine Land Use

Blaine Zoning Map

City of Blaine Zoning Map

Sidewalks & Trails

City of Blaine Sidewalks and Trails

Blaine School Districts

City of Blaine School Districts

Fall Bow Hunt


Fall Bow Hunt w/ Photo

Bow Hunt with Air Photo

Open Data Portals

MN Geospatial Commons Data

MN GeoCommons Data Library

Anoka County Open Data

Anoka County Open Data Library


U Spatial

Transportation Links