Solar Panels and System

  1. Step 1 - Review and Prepare
  2. Step 2 - Create an Account
  3. Step 3 - Apply
  4. Step 4 - Review and Payment
  5. Step 5 - Schedule an Inspection

Review and Prepare

Please review the information packets pertaining to your construction project:

The following documents need to be available for upload during the online application process. Please note, all documents need to be in a PDF format.

  • Manufacturer's Details and Installation Requirements
  • Plans designed by a MN Structural Engineer
     or verification that roof structure can handle weight of system, see handout)

Note, if plans and details are not complete or information is missing, the time to process your permit will be extended.

General Information

  • If the homeowner is hiring a contractor the contractor must pull the permit.
  • Permit, approved plans, inspection card and all inspection notices shall be on site at all times.