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Posted on: May 22, 2020

Stormwater Pond Rules


Stormwater ponds are manmade bodies of water designed for the purpose of treating stormwater runoff. All bodies of water you see in the City of Blaine are stormwater ponds with the exception of Laddie Lake and Sunrise Lake. Sunrise Lake is a manmade body of water, with Laddie Lake being the only natural lake in Blaine.

Ponds are a popular method of managing stormwater runoff. A properly designed pond can hold excess water for up to three weeks, allowing pollutants to settle to the bottom. As water is cleaned by this process, it is slowly released from the pond. This process helps to improve water quality. Given the purpose of the ponds, their small size and the amount of pollutants handled, these bodies of water will never function like the lakes home buyers might envision.

Alterations to shorelines or vegetation around stormwater ponds is not permitted unless authorized by the city. Fountains or other circulating devices and chemical treatment of stormwater ponds is also not allowed unless authorized by the city. Structures including but not limited to docks, piers, retaining walls, diving platforms, and bridges are not allowed to be within a stormwater pond or protective buffer zone. Dumping of yard waste materials in, on, or around any stormwater pond is also prohibited.

Recreational activities such as boating, swimming, fishing and skating are discouraged on all stormwater ponds. Stormwater ponds generally have large drop  offs and hold large amounts of pollutants making them unsuited/unsafe for recreation.

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If you have any questions contact Rebecca Haug, Blaine Water Resource Manager at 763-785-6188 or email

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