Staffing Requirements

These general staffing requirements are for security purposes and do not count the number of officers that are needed for traffic control and/or direction.  Generally, the guideline is one officer per 1,000 patrons and two officers per 1,000 patrons at events serving alcohol. 

When hiring six or more officers for an event at the same time (including traffic control), a supervisor may be required.  If 10 or more officers are hired for an event at the same time, an incident commander, as well as on on-site supervisor, may be required.  

If the Administrative Services Captain determines that the size of the event warrants, the applicant will work with the Administrative Services Captain to determine the number of officers needed for the assignment. The Administrative Services Captain may determine if more or less supervision is needed for the event.

In cases where the applicant underestimated the attendance, the on-duty Patrol Supervisors may at their discretion notify the applicant that additional officers are needed. Whether or not the applicant is notified, the City reserves the right to assign additional officers and the applicant shall be responsible for the cost of the additional officers.

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