When can you use a UAS without a search warrant?

Minnesota Statute 626.19 restricts the use of a UAS without a search warrant to the following nine circumstances:

  1. During or in the aftermath of an emergency situation or disaster that involves the risk of death or bodily harm to a person. 
  2. Over a public event where there is a heightened risk to the safety of participants or bystanders.
  3. To counter the risk of a terrorist attack by a specific individual or organization if the agency determines that credible intelligence indicates a risk.
  4. To prevent the loss of life or property in natural or man-made disasters and to facilitate operation planning, rescue, and recovery operations.
  5. To conduct a threat assessment in anticipation of a specific event.
  6. To collect information from a public area if there is reasonable suspicion of criminal activity.
  7. To collect information for crash reconstruction purposes after a serious or deadly collision occurring on a public road.
  8. Over a public area for officer training or public relations purposes.
  9. For purposes unrelated to law enforcement at the request of a government entity, provided the request is in writing and specifies the reason for the request and a proposed period of use.

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