How much do they cost?

The implementation of our UAS program with a DJI Matrice M30T UAS costs $20,042.00. That includes the UAS, the remote controller, spotlight, loudspeaker, and a full set of batteries (this was the lowest price among five vendors we researched). In contrast, manned aviation can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars per hour. A UAS can fly much lower than a traditional manned helicopter and has the added benefit of being much quieter so as to not disturb residents. Many other law enforcement agencies have demonstrated how a UAS is a practical, cost effective alternative to manned aviation.

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1. What is a Drone?
2. How does a UAS work?
3. What kind of training do the pilots receive?
4. What are the specs of your UAS?
5. Do other enforcement agencies operate UAS?
6. How do you intend to use your UAS?
7. When can you use a UAS without a search warrant?
8. How much do they cost?
9. What restrictions are in place to protect citizen’s civil liberties and privacy concerns?
10. Can you legally fly over my property?
11. Does the UAS carry weapons?
12. Can the UAS be hacked with the controls taken over by someone else?
13. Can the Blaine Police Department be hired by a resident or business to fly the systems for commercial use?
14. Can citizens buy their own UAS and fly them?
15. Will my privacy be impacted?