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Police Department Tour Request

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  2. Police Department Tour Request

    Please provide the following information to request a tour of the Blaine Police Department.

  3. Group Information

  4. Note: Please limit chaperones to no more than 1 adult per 5 children.

  5. Tour Information

  6. Select Tour Date*

  7. The Blaine Police Department is a secured facility monitored by both audio and video.*

  8. NO PICTURES and VIDEO may be taken inside the secured facility without permission.*

  9. PLEASE BE PROMPT, tours start promptly at 6PM. Those arriving after 6PM will not be permitted to attend the tour.*

  10. Due to the confidential nature of law enforcement work, staff reserves the right to cancel or end the tour at any time.*

  11. Groups are limited to a maximum 15 people (younger siblings are not permitted).*

  12. Reminder that Kindergarten and First Grade will receive a Police car demonstration only.*

  13. Reminder that Second Grade and Up will receive a Police car demonstration and tour of secured facility.*

  14. No more than 1 adult chaperone per 5 children.*

  15. Please Note:

    This a request only, we will contact you to confirm your tour date/time.

  16. I have read, understand, and agree to abide by the qualifications and rules set forth. I understand police staff reserves the right to cancel or end the tour at any time.

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